6D Helmets 73-0000 ATR Helmet Mud Kit


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6D Helmets 73-0000 ATR Helmet Mud Kit

  • Prevents mud build-up on the helmet shell
  • Easy installation
  • Useful in muddy conditions to help keep the rider’s helmet in place
  • Helps keep the rider’s goggles in place, preventing mid-moto distractions of an overweight helmet pushing down on the goggles
  • Installs with ease to the top of the helmet—molding along the curves and vents without issue
  • Strong adhesive—trim foam if needed to fit the visor the way you prefer it to fit
  • For new helmets, as opposed to re-using old helmets, it’s advised to place tape on the helmet first and adhering the foam mud kit to the tape instead of the helmet directly




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