Biltwell Alumicore Throttle-by-Wire 1″ Grip Sets


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Biltwell Alumicore Throttle-by-Wire 1″ Grip Sets

  • Technically manufactured with a forged and CNC lathe-turned 6061-T6 aluminum tubing
  • Grips a comprised of a Thermoplastic Velcanizate (TPZ) rubber sleeve is installed over the tube’s knurled surface for traction and comfort
  • Internal gear interface inside the AlumiCore grip for TBW is forged into the grip’s aluminum sleeve, so it will never break or disengage from the TBW module’s gear interface
  • TPV is highly UV-resistant and durable while maintaining a soft feel
  • Machine alloy end caps are removable to make replacing rubber grip sleeves fast and easy
  • Available in Chrome or Black
  • Also available in Dual-Cable application(sold separately)
  • Rubber grip tube replacement sets available in black, white, gray, chocolate or oxblood (sold separately)


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