Bridgestone Battlecross E50 Tire



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Bridgestone Battlecross E50 Tire

Purpose built for the hardcore Enduro rider and race
Incorporating motocross tire development know-how accumulated over decades, the E50 has dramatically improved off-road rear traction and front & rear cornering grip, while remaining compliant with FIM regulations*. It tackles different surface conditions with poise and agility. An enduro tire with massive grip and forward drive.
*FIM regulations: Regulation regarding groove depth to prevent excessive soil excavating by the tire, which may harm the natural environment.(groove depth of the rear tire: less than 13mm)

  • The E50 is easier to mount at the track or on the trail because we optimized the sidewall rigidity and the profile to improve rim fitting
  • The E50 is a DOT-rated tire that is optimized for a broad spectrum of off-road riding
  • Specifically designed for the hardcore Enduro rider
  • P-rated for speeds up to 93 mph
  • Tubeless (TL)

Recommended for:

  • Riders enjoying Enduro Racing.


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