Bridgestone M23 Tire


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Bridgestone M23 Tire

With sizing for small/mini bikes, the combination of the M23 front tire and M22 rear tire feature an innovative tread pattern, specifically designed for hard-packed surfaces. These knobby tires have been proven and perfected on race tracks, resulting in tread compounds built for long life and maximum grip.

Even the tread knob shape and spacing have been specially designed for traction and stability, and the 4-ply nylon casing construction gives it excellent off-road durability.
The M23/M22 provides excellent grip, stability, and handling. They are also specifically great tires for “blue groove” conditions.

  • Innovative tread pattern, specifically designed for hard-packed surfaces.
  • Overall solid grip, stability, and handling.
  • Great tire for “blue groove” conditions.


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