Caliber 13562 Moto Ramp Pro Ladder


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Caliber 13562 Moto Ramp Pro Ladder

  • A safe and effective loading solution
  • Quickly add the ramp bridge on your ramp to ease the loading or unloading of your snowbike
  • Comes with two ramp grids per kit that can be located on the ends of the ramp bridge
  • Easily cut inside edges of ramp grids to let the bridge fit across rails over 1″
  • Can be used on a sled deck ramp or any trailer truck ramp
  • Additional sets can be used in combination for additional glide and traction
  • The Ramp Pro ladder incorporates Caliber’s friction-reducing snowmobile carbide glide technology for even easier loading
  • Ladder folds in half and fits under most ATVs, UTVs and golf carts



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