Cardo Systems FRC2X103 Freecom 2X Duo


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Cardo Systems FRC2X103 Freecom 2X Duo

  • All you ever wanted from a high-end motorcycle intercom – with Sound by JBL, Live intercom for up to 4 riders, Natural Voice Operation, and tons of other amazing features

  • Live sound. Live Connection. Experience exceptional audio quality with our all-new auto-reconnecting Bluetooth intercom.
    For 4 riders at a range of up to 800m /0.5 mi.
  • 40mm High definition speakers engineered for high-quality sound by JBL. Three distinct audio profiles to make your riding experience the best it can be.
  • Water Proof: Rain, shine, mud, dust or snow
  • OPERATED BY NATURAL VOICE Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the bars. Our always-on natural voice operation engine makes button-pressing a thing of the past. Just say “hey Cardo” and tell it what you want.
  • Universal Connectivity: Connects with other Bluetooth headsets of any brand
  • FM Radio build in
  • Fastcharge 13 hour battery life, (Fast charge allows 2 hrs of talk time with a 20 min charge). 
  • Pair of pre paired communication units.




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