Custom Dynamics CD-DLI-UNIV Universal Isolator Module


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Custom Dynamics CD-DLI-UNIV Universal Isolator Module

  • Allows you to connect aftermarket electrical and lighting accessories with total confidence
  • Completely isolates the accessories from the vehicle’s main wire-harness without adding any additional load to the system
  • A must-have on newer BCM/VCM/CAN bikes that have very sensitive electrical systems that do not allow the addition of electrical or lighting accessories
  • Has an built in integrator function which combines brake and turn onto one wire, giving turn priority over brake which is very useful for adding Run-Brake-Turn function to a 3 wire LED (low-high-ground)
  • There is also a built in trailer out which can be connected to an optional 4 pin trailer harness (sold separately) given you complete and total confidence of a 100% isolated trailer connector from the vehicle
  • Total Isolation of all lighting and electrical accessories from vehicle
  • Left Turn, Right Turn, Brake, Battery, Accessory Power Inputs
  • Isolated Outputs: Left Turn, Right Turn, Brake, Run/Accessory
  • Isolated Integrated Output: Turn/Brake Output
  • Plug and Play (except for universal version)
  • 45 Amp Max Total Capacity



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