Dynojet 19-031-PTI Power Commander V for 2015-22 Polaris AXYS Snowmobile


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Dynojet 19-031-PTI Power Commander V for 2011-22 Polaris AXYS Snowmobile

  • New version of the Power Commander V is perfect for turbocharged or supercharged applications looking for precision, control and reliability
  • Comes with a Bosch 3 bar MAP/Temp sensor as part of the PCV harness for expanded capabilities built into the control center software
  • PCV-Pti gives you the ability to modify your fuel curve based off a pressure (boost) table and/or temperature table
  • Pressure table gives you 3D mapping capability based on boost vs RPM, while the temperature table gives you 2D mapping capability with up to 50 points of adjustment
  • Map switch can be mounted to change between two different maps that have been pre-loaded to the Power Commander V; available separately
  • No supported map database through Power Commander


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