Dynojet 8109 Thunderslide Jet Kit for 1989-2003 HD Sportster 1200


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Dynojet 8109 Thunderslide Jet Kit for 1989-2003 HD Sportster 1200

With a Jet Kit for your motorcycle, you’ll feel the rush of Dynojet’s legacy with each ride. Enjoy a boost of horsepower and smoother acceleration.

  • Designed for engines with stock or aftermarket air filter and exhaust system
  • Revolutionary composite plastic slide provides unparalleled performance gains in both horsepower and mileage
  • Unique set of lift holes moderate how the slide moves with respect to throttle position; the faster the slide opens, the quicker the throttle response

Take your performance to new heights with a Jet Kit for your motorcycle. Increase power and improve performance throughout the entire RPM range, while improving throttle response and smoothness. These Jet Kits take the guesswork out of tuning your bike.

Whether you’re rolling with a stock bike or you’ve made some modifications, our Jet Kit will optimize your air/fuel ratio to eliminate rough spots and help you take control of your motorcycle’s power. You can go with a Stage 1 Jet Kit to give your stock engine a 5% boost of horsepower or send it the way up to Stage 7 (available for some street bikes) if you’ve made significant upgrades to set your bike up for success on race day.

Perfect for motorcycles with a stock engine using the stock airbox, air filter, and pipes. Stage 1 Jet Kits are engineered to improve throttle response and deliver approximately 5% more horsepower than stock. These kits are fully adjustable to allow the use of well-designed aftermarket pipes and stock replacement air filters, like K&N.


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