Dynojet AT-110B Autotune For use with Power Vision HD J1850


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Dynojet AT-110B Autotune For use with Power Vision HD J1850

For the motorcycle rider who wants ultimate control of their speed, power, and fuel efficiency, Dynojet’s Autotune kit is the perfect companion. This powerful diagnostics tool has a laundry list of capabilities that vary depending on your fuel tuner of choice but will always give you heart-pounding results.

Paired with our Harley-Davidson Power Vision, the Autotune is a diagnostics tool that uses upgraded wideband O2 sensors to perform precise real-time data logging. It then takes those results and creates custom tunes based on your ride style. Flashing takes minutes and then it’ll be like riding a whole new bike.

  • Plugs directly into the Power Vision with a single cable
  • Includes 18mm O2 sensors and power connector that plugs into the bike’s harness
  • Provides real-time AFR feedback to the Power Vision
  • Allows for semi-automated fuel corrections
  • User can specify what air/fuel ratio to make each rpm and throttle position percentage combination
  • Makes it possible to adjust cruise for best fuel economy as well as larger throttle openings for peak power
  • Base settings included for air/fuel ratios, but are fully adjustable if need be
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Because of possible clearance issues, some aftermarket exhaust systems may require modifications or relocation of their sensor bungs.


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