Dynojet TT-7 Target Tune Full Kit HD Sportster/Softail


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Dynojet TT-7 Target Tune Full Kit HD Sportster/Softail

Lock on to perfect performance with a Target Tune for your Harley-Davidson. Our Target Tune module works with Power Vision to not only automatically determine the ideal air/fuel ratio for your ride in real-time, but hold onto it. Target Tune Full Kit includes everything needed for installation. Target Tune Module with wideband O2 hardware and Y-adaptor cable.

  • Allows the factory ECM to interpret and use wideband O2 sensor signals
  • Target fuel table from the calibration is achieved in real time
  • Retains OEM closed loop and achieves adaptive fuel control strategy
  • Learns and uses VE table corrections as you ride
  • Does not interfere with dealer diagnostic/service tools
  • Includes OEM style connectors to plug into factory O2 harness, either 2 or 4 pin versions


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