Gears 100266-1 Male/Female Power Connector-Cigar Plug


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Gears 100266-1 Male/Female Power Connector-Cigar Plug

  • Help to provide power inside your Tank Bag, Saddle Bag or Tail Bag (hard or soft shell of 5mm maximum thickness)
  • Exterior has a male coax plug with dust protection cover, which connects to a power source like a Gears battery cord, Gears female coax panel mount or Gears extension cable
  • Interior has a 5″ long cable with female coax plug which can be hooked up to the Gears 1-into-2 male coax (included), which has a car-size female cigar plug on the other end for powering your devices like GPS, and an additional female coax plug output for connecting Gears heated clothing or Gears panel mount cable to throw power out from your luggage
  • If installing the connector on hard shell luggage, you will need to drill a 16mm hole. One-inch clearance is required behind the mounting location.


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