Gears 100274-1 Gen X-4 Heated Socks




Gears 100274-1 Gen X-4 Heated Socks

  • Made with 85% polyester and 15% Lycra
  • Made of technical anti-micro bacterial Lycra® from DuPont
  • Extra tall to cover most of your calf
  • Provides heat on the top and bottom of the toes
  • The ZEPTO® fiber heat technology covers entire foot area providing uniform heat
  • Custom fit design for left and right feet
  • Fits under tall or short boots
  • Each sock uses 12 volts
  • Socks (as a pair) draws 1.4 amps of current to produce 19 watts of heat
  • Engineered to go with Gen X-4 leg chaps (by connecting to hideaway plugs at the bottom of pant liners or leg chaps) or can be used by themselves (using Gears battery cord 100227-1 and Gears foot warmer Y cord 100233-1)

NOTE:  Gen X-3 and Gen X-4 are fully compatible


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