Gears 100343-1 Easy Cruise Universal Throttle Control


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Gears 100343-1 Easy Cruise Universal Throttle Control

  • Adjustable tension design is universal fit for most commonly used throttle sizes
  • Made of Nylatron thermoplastic resins for wear/impact resistance, tensile strength, light-weight and high cold/heat tolerance
  • Adjustable tension gear design can easily be installed or removed by using one hand
  • Set the required tension as desired when adjusting to new throttle size
  • Two easy ways for engaging to set speed by using your index finger or thumb until it rests over your brake lever
  • Easy disengaging by twisting the throttle clockwise or forward as you normally reduce the speed
  • Comes with rubber ring for added friction
  • One size fits all

NOTE: Do not use easy cruise throttle control if front bottom flat surface  (in the direction of the brake lever when installed) does not sit properly over the brake lever.  Front bottom flat end surface should cross over the front side of the brake lever by few mm to ensure proper operation while riding.


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