Hardline HR-8061-2 Hour/Tach Meter


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Hardline HR-8061-2 Hour/Tach Meter

  • Tracks service time and rpm of your machine; perfect for timely oil changes, valve adjustments, spark plug replacements, etc.
  • Resettable maximum rpm
  • Usable with any gasoline engine
  • Adjustable input for dual or single spark ignition systems
  • Includes log book for writing down oil changes, valve service, and more
  • Real time reading of tach up to 20k rpm
  • Record total hours accumulated up to 9,999.99 hours; not resettable/erasable
  • Peel and stick or attach with enclosed hardware
  • Connects to spark plug wire; no batteries are required
  • Safely and completely encased in 100% epoxy


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