High Lifter Outlaw Max Tire


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High Lifter Outlaw Max Tire

The Outlaw Max is a continued evolution of the iconic Outlaw tire line! It has next generation specs; super deep 2.0”-2.5” pre-grooved, “dual stage” tread lugs and beefy square shoulder combined with aggressively siped and stepped center lug that will shed mud and stay clean. The 10″ tread width provides a 2” wider footprint than narrow ag style treads for superior traction and flotation. The super deep, notched shoulder lugs will bite through the ruts and the overlapping tread at the center gives a smooth transitional trail use.

  • Deep 1.5″-2.5″ treaded lugs and an aggressive center mug that will obliterate mud
  • 10″ tread width and a 2″ wide footprint for optimal flotation and traction during travel
  • Overlapping tread in the middle for optimal movement on trails
  • Notched shoulder lugs
  • Not certified for use on public roads (NHS).