Hogtunes 4401-0257 BTS-U Universal Bluetooth Receiver


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Hogtunes 4401-0257 BTS-U Universal Bluetooth Receiver

  • Adds Bluetooth® via factory radio AUX input
  • Hides inside fairing and is 100% controlled by playback device
  • Features a high quality audio grade Bluetooth chip for excellent audio playback
  • Easy plug and play installation for 1999-2013  touring bikes
  • Can work on ANY vehicle with 12 volts and an AUX input
  • Up to 40 feet of range between playback device and BTS-U
  • Works with any radio that has 1/8″ input
  • Included 1/8″ to RCA “Y-Jack” makes BTS-U compatible with virtually any radio or amp in/on any vehicle
  • Unit can “stick” in place using supplied double sided tape, or be “zip tied” in place using supplied zip ties
  • Ability to pair with up to 9 wireless devices
  • Drag Specialties part # 4401-0257


Note: This device is a RECEIVER (RX) only and will not Transmit (TX) to other device such as headsets. BTS-U does not allow you to make phone calls.


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