Metzeler Racetec RR Tire



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Metzeler Racetec RR Tire

  • Compounds, tread pattern, profile and structure are calibrated in a precise balance to provide consistent performance throughout the tire’s life
  • Developed and raced by Guy Martin at the Isle of Man TT and Northwest 200
  • Racing grip all the time, whether riding on the track or street
  • Tire profiles give precision and high-speed stability
  • (W)-rated for speeds of 168+ mph
  • Tubeless (TL)
  • Blackwall

Precision and stability at high speed

RACETEC™ RR features a composite structure, differentiated between the crown and the sides of the carcass to react properly to different circumstances.
Stability is critical in road racing when riding on long straights at full speed (because of aerodynamic interferences) and when the bike passes over drain covers, repair patches or jumps.
In both cases stability may be temporarily lost in the rebound following the bike quick lift and drop back down to the asphalt, compressing both tyres and shock absorbers.
The crown structure is made with a special rayon fiber. This is characterised by a high rate of linear density and stiffness and is capable of maintaining its shape under a high stress and load strain. The fiber further assists dampen the rebound stroke which absorbs the shock by distributing it through the whole carcass, and dampens the rebound while getting back to the initial shape.
The side structure is designed to be stiff, with a low deformation ratio, so to sustain the entire architecture under stress, and to guarantee trajectory precision both on long fast and full lean.

Duration and performance consistency

Road races sessions can last up to 240 km. (150 miles), which is more than three times an average track race; durability, integrity and performance consistency are keys to win.
All the compounds of RACETEC™ RR range feature high resistance to abrasion thanks to a homogeneous dispersion of the components in the polymeric matrix obtained through our exclusive and patented continuous mixing process.

The tread groove layout minimises the wear and also to disrupt the forces which crease the compound, known as Schallamach’s wear waves.
The disruptive angle of RACETEC™ RR grooves are the result of advanced analyses based on road racing activity.


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