Michelin Pilot Street Tire



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Michelin Pilot Street Tire

  • Radial architecture that enables improved overall response and handling as well as unrivaled performance over the long term, compared with a same-size cross-ply tire
  • Derived directly from the radial Sport Touring ranges and a tread borrowed from the Pilot Road 2, give the motorcycle an attractive, sporty appearance
  • 100% silica rubber compound delivers the best wet grip in its category, for a safe, sporty ride
  • Flexible sidewalls absorb bumps in the road for improved comfort at high speeds. In contact with the ground, the tire tread allows the tire to stick to the road. Its footprint, shorter but wider than a bias-ply tire, provides better grip when taking sharp turns
  • Improved pressure distribution on the radial tire’s contact patch for more consistent wear and tire and increased performance durability over time


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