Motorex MOT151115 Kawasaki Air Filter


97-01 KX125/KX250

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Motorex MOT151115 Kawasaki Air Filter

  • Consists of two layers of foam with different porosities, a flame lamination process is used to weld these to form a mold
  • The cells of the outer layer acts like a pre-filter and keep out coarse dirt, whereas the fine-pored inner layer traps even the smallest of dirt particles
  • The extra-wide and breathable foam seal ensures the maximum contact surface to the air filer box and guarantees  that no unfiltered air will pass through the intake track, even under the toughest riding conditions
  • Their shape improves the volume of air around the filter and boost the pressure at the intake track, yet they are much slower to  clog than conventional filters
  • Fitment:
      • Kawasaki
        • 97-01 KX125
        • 97-01 KX250


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