Saddlemen 897-07-147 Profiler Basket Weave Seat


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Saddlemen 897-07-147 Profiler Basket Weave Seat

The BW-Profiler provides the ultimate low-profile seat for two. This slammed 2-up is the most comfortable around town seat you can find. Saddlemen® has solved comfort in the Profilers with our proprietary Gel-Core Technology. Gel Core reduces engine vibration by 50% and dampens Road shock by 90%. This will equate to longer riding times in the saddle.

Each seat has been meticulously shaped and ride-tested for comfort and control issues that haunt the motorcycle’s original stock seat. This seat features narrow styling, a thin profile, and low riding height. The specially designed base allows the seat to drop down into the bike for the lowest riding position possible.

  • Features narrow styling, a thin profile and low riding height
  • Design drops the rider down into the bike for the lowest riding position possible, while maintaining our high standard of comfort and support
  • Unique blend of variable-density foam and GelCore™ technology eases tailbone pressure and improves circulation
  • Designed and made in the U.S.A.
  • Whisper-grain, basket-weave cover
  • Basket-weave pattern on driver’s seat provides more breathability and extra grip if needed
  • Basket-weave is sewn into the slender tail section to accent the low seat styling and profile


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