S&S Cycle 106-3240 44729 Twin Cam 89CC Black Cylinder Head


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S&S Cycle 106-3240 44729 Twin Cam 89CC Black Cylinder Head

  • High port flow gives great performance now, and more later when additional upgrades are done
  • Heads are fully assembled with springs and valves
  • Compression ratios vary depending on cylinder heads chosen, pistons used and engine displacement; see Compression Ratios chart for specifications
  • 79cc heads work great with stock motors for 88″ to 103″ motors; 89cc heads work best for motors over 103″ or with high-compression pop-up pistons
  • 79cc have 1.940″ intake and 1.575″ exhaust valve and springs for up to .640″ lift; 89cc have 2.000″ intake and 1.605″ exhaust and .640″ springs
  • Heads are machined for compression releases unless noted otherwise (sold separately); S&S rocker boxes required when using S&S compression releases
  • Do not include rocker arm components, intake manifold or gaskets
  • Heads include four long headbolts, and reuse four long OEM headbolts
  • Accept OEM intake manifolds
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Must use S&S rocker boxes (PART #90-4110) if S&S compression releases are used.
  • Not compatible with Twin Cooled heads.


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