TecMate Solar Duo Chargers 10W/20W/40W/Travel Kits



Available in 10W, 10W Travel Kit, 20W, 20W Travel Kits, 40W, 40W Travel Kits

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TecMate Solar Duo Chargers 10W/20W/40W/Travel Kits

  • Charges and maintains a 12V battery during the day and monitors and displays the battery state of charge at night
  • The solar panel is where the sun is and the charger is where the battery is, so that you have immediate information on battery condition at hand right where it matters most
  • Saves flat batteries from as low as 4V with its unique pulse action
  • The reach / distance between battery and panel is 124″ (Extenders sold separately)
  • Battery condition is displayed every 3 seconds
  • Ready indication for STD, hi-performance AGM batteries and lithium LFP batteries
  • Draws less than 0.5mA during monitor mode.
  • Automatically switches to CHARGE when solar power is sufficient

Travel Kits

  • The smart sun-powered charger & maintainer for all 12v batteries – Charger by day, monitor by night
  • Ideal for all lead-acid & lithium batteries found in powersports equipment
  • The smart charge controller automatically adjusts charge according to battery type and condition
  • The controller’s fully automatic multi-step program brings the battery safely to full charge
  • includes polycrystalline solar panel assembly with aluminum frame, , suction for mounting, OptiMate Solar DUO controller, O-04 battery clips, O-01 battery lead, and carry bag
  • Saves your ‘dead’ battery from as low as 4v
  • IP54 weather rated



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