TecMate TM-371 Optimate 6 Select Gold


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TecMate TM-371 Optimate 6 Select Gold

  • Nine-step charger and maintainer for deep cycle 12V batteries that demand accurate temperature controlled charging and safe unsupervised long-term maintenance
  • Voltage selection (14.4V/14.7V) ensures the battery receives charge at the correct voltage
  • Charging amps: 6A @ 14.4V/14.7V; 4A @ 13.6V
  • Ampmatic charge control adjusts current to match battery size
  • Use indoors or outdoors (lowest temperature: -40°F/-40°C)
  • Low-volt start of 0.5V and two-step desulphation recovery
  • Ideal for STD, AGM, gel and deep cycle 12V batteries
  • Input: global (100V-240V 50Hz-60Hz), high-efficiency (CEC listed), fully sealed
  • Weatherproof case with wall mounts
  • Six-foot AC supply lead and six-foot charge lead ending in SAE connector
  • Weatherproof battery lead and standard battery clip set included
  • No risk of overcharging; totally safe for vehicle electronics
  • Sparks suppressed, safe for long-term battery maintenance, automatic shut-down if short-circuited or battery disconnected



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