TecMate TS-110 Carbmate


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TecMate TS-110 Carbmate

  • CarbMate displays the difference in vacuum intake settings of two carburetors or throttle bodies very precisely on a single transverse “East-West” 9 LED display – visual estimation errors, common to the traditional approach which is to visually compare the individual values on separate columns of mercury or dial gauges are eliminated as two pressures are compared and one value is displayed
  • Electronic two-channel synchronizer for carburetors and fuel injection
  • The cost-effective electronic replacement for mercury sticks
  • Easily converted to synchronize three or four carburetors/throttle bodies (accessory sold separately)
  • Bright color LED graph display reacts to even minor adjustments quickly
  • Precision instrument that is accurate to 0.5cmHg (meets or exceeds OEM specifications)
  • Solid-state electronics are shock resistant and extremely durable
  • A single green LED at the center mark indicates that the compared manifold vacuums are perfectly equal to within the selected resolution
  • A ZERO adjustment knob provides easy and quick pre-calibration prior to synchronizing; with no tubes connected, simply adjust the knob until the center LED is on
  • Instrument powered by any 12V battery source (cord with clips supplied)



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