Winderosa 710210 Full Top End Set Skidoo


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Winderosa 710210 Full Top End Set Skidoo


  • Winderosa’s wide range of high-tech materials provide unmatched reliability and performance for the demanding needs of today’s power plants
  • Fit most current and many non-current engines, including Sachs, JLO, Hirth, CCW, Kohler and Xenoah
  • Designed to replace OEM gaskets exactly
  • Many kits now include coated stainless steel head gaskets
  • High-performance oil seals have a high-chromium-content stainless steel alloy spring for maximum performance and corrosion resistance
  • Order only what you need for specific maintenance projects
  • Contains high-performance head and base gaskets, plus intakes and exhaust, as well as upper head components and power valve gaskets
  • These performance sets are designed for cylinder rebuild and piston replacement
  • Made in the U.S.A.


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